Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Pleasure Of My Company

The Pleasure of My Company
Author: Steve Martin
Read by: Steve Martin
4 discs (approx 4 hours)

Daniel lives his life as a bystander, watching the world go by from his Santa Monica apartment, passing time idly.  His only relationships seem to be with people who barely know he exists.  It is only when he meets Clarissa and Teddy that he gains the courage to begin to engage the world outside, and in doing so, he discovers more than he ever imagined. 

Personal notes:
I was suprised when I saw Actor Steve Martin as the author of this book; great actor wasn't as sure as him as a author; however I was pleasantly suprised!  I want to check his debut book Shopgirl: A Novella.
I love the main character, Daniel a nice guy who struggles with phobias of simple things such as stepping off a curb and the wattage of  lightbulbs in his house yet is an extreme  math wizard highly intelligent.  This book kindve reminds me of Seinfeld in-a-way with the random day to day thoughts he has.  When he enters a sweepstakes to write "Why he is the most average American" he becomes a finalist, and despite his life that is not what one would think of as "average", you really do feel he is, as he helps out the other characters in the book that also have their own issues-you realize we are all average as we all have our own problems. 

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