Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dry. A Memoir.

Dry. A Memoir.
by: Augusten Burroughs
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You may not know it, but you've met Augusten Burroughs.  You've seen him on the streen in bars, on the subway, at restaurants:  a twenty-something guy, nice suit, works in advertising.  Regular. Ordinary.  But when the ordinary person had two drinks, Augusten was circling the drain by having twelve; when the ordinary person went home at midnight, Augusten never went home at all.  Loud, distracting ties, automated wake-up calls, and cologne on the tongue could only hide so much for so long.  At the request (well, it wasn't really a request) of his employers, Augusten lasnds in rehab, where his dreams of group therapy with Robert Downy, Jr. are immediately dashed by the grim reality of fluoresent lighting and paper hospital slippers.  But when Augusten is forced to examine himself in the worst trouble of all.  Because when his thirty days are up, he has to return funny, as heartbreaking as it is real.  Dry is the story of love, loss and Starbucks as a higher power.

Personal Notes: The author, Augusten Burroughs is the author of Running with Scissors: A Memoir, Magical Thinking: True Stories, and Possible Side Effects all of which have been New York Times bestsellers.  He is names one of the fifteen funniest people in America by Entertainment Weekly and his sense of humor definately comes out in this book.  I picked up this book and thought it might be a bit depressing considering the subject but it definately suprised me -I love the way he wrote this and perhaps since the author is reading the book of his story it helps to picture all the events in the book just as he meant them to be read. 

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