Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Gift

The Gift
Author: Richard Paul Evans
Read by: John Dosset
5 discs ( 5.25 hours)

Nathan Hurst hates Christmas. For others, it may be a day of boundless joy and nostalgic tradition.  But for him, this annual occasion is a painful reminder of events that traumatized his childhood.  When a snowstorm cancels his flight, Nathan meets a unique mother and child who profoundly change him and his view of the special season-forever. 

Personal Notes: This was the first novel I read by this author.  When picking up "The Gift" and "Finding Noel"  I thought they would both be Christmas themed books, they aren't though-its a very small part of whats going on in both books.  I fell in love with the characters in this book and routing them on while despising the ones who were against them.  Its an intense book about a boy with a special "gift" of healing people, although every time he heals someone the boy gets sicker.  The main character in this book also has Tourette's Syndrome, something the author is writing about as he has it as well in real life.  Both of the books I've read by him are fictionalized but has a piece of the author in it which is special because its an insight and feelings that he writes about and knows all about because he has lived it; it reminds me alot of why I enjoy Michael Connelly books-who writes a very different type of book but uses his experiences of  being a journalist writing for the "Crime Beat" where the fiction stories these authors write also seem to have an essence of nonfiction because they are writing these great stories about something they personally know so much about.

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