About Me

A little bit about me ....

I have always loved reading but unfortunately do not have near enough time in my chaotic schedule to sit down and read the way I would love to.  A couple years ago a friend suggested I listen to AudioBooks...I have been in love ever since. 

On an average week I listen to 2-3 audioboooks....like I said I LOVE them!!  Because I do listen to so many I go to the library far more often then buying them....I do love to scope out great deals on Amazon however when seeking out my favorites or if there is something I'm interested in that thats unavailable at the library. 

I started this blog in hopes of telling others about books I love as well as well as some you might want to pass on. 

I enjoy many different Genres of books: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Romance, Parenting, Self-Help, Non-Fiction, historical fiction, comedy, and biography/autobiographies. 

I also hope to hear from many more authors/Readers and post their interviews as well as I'm always interested in listening to a new author I've never listened to before!!