Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finding Noel

Finding Noel
Author: Richard Paul Evans
Read by: Richard Paul Evans
4 discs (approx 4.75 hours)

Mark Smart is miserable-and his mother reently passed away, his girlfriend dumped him, he lost the funding from  his college scholarship, and his car just broke down in a blinding blizzard.  Slogging thru the snow to a nearby coffee house, he meets Macy-his angel of mercy.  Abandoned by her parents at the age of seven, Macy's only connection to her family is a single Christmas ornament.  With Mark's help she is determined to find the sister she believes she has lost. 

Personal notes:  I loved this book, Richard Paul Evans always has inspirational stories.  He wrote this book for his mother who had recently passed away at the time he was writing this book, and even though this is a fictional story, it is based on  a true life story of one of his personal assistants Celeste Edmunds who had just started looking for her sister who was taken from her at the age of  8.  This book is read by the author, which I love when the authors read their own books. 

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