Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear American Airlines

Dear American Airlines
By: Jonathan Miles
Read by Mark Bramhall
6 discs (approx 7 hours)

Bennie Ford is traveling to his estranged daughter's wedding when his flight is canceled.  Stuck with thousands of passengers at O'Hare airport, hewatches the clock tick and realizes he will miss the ceremony.  Frusterated, irate, and helpless, he starts a letter.  But what beginas as a hilariously excoriating demand for a refund soon becomes the cri de coeur of a life misspent, of talent wasted.  His letter is a marvel of lacerating wit, heart-on-sleeve emotion, and wide-ranging erudition, penned with the fading hope that if he can just make it to the wedding, he has a chance to do something right in his life. 

Personal notes:  When picking out this book I thought it would be more of a book based on agony and hilarious plots and annoyances that happen when a flight is delayed and all the craziness attached with it in how it would affect your travel plans-this book is probably 30% where he is annoyed at the airlines and about 70% reflecting on his past and regrets he has as a results of decisions he has made in his life.  The story is him sitting at the airport writing this refund letter to the airlines and gets into his personal life as well in the letter-it is sad, witty, and hilarious.  Mark Bramhall the narrator of this book is excellent as well.

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