Monday, August 29, 2011


Author: Danielle Steel
Read by: Ron McLarty
9 discs

Peter Morgan newly released from prison is seemingly a good guy that has made alot of bad choices.  Determined to start fresh Peter learns quickly how hard it is to make an honest living after being a convicted felon.  To avoid going on the streets he contacts a previous "friend" he knew before he went to prison who he also owes a substantial amount of money.  Hoping to get a job and repay his owed debt Peter finds himself in a situation of having to organize a kidnapping ring for this man who hopes to gain 100 million dollars ransom money from Fernanda Barnes, a newly widowed wife of a well known billionaire. 

This is Danielle Steel's 60th Novel and she seems to really switch things up with this book.  For anyone who reads alot of Danielle Steel books, they are typically more Romance themed....Ransom is oppisite that where it is more suspense/thriller.  The love interests in this book is set up kind've weird....the kidnapper in a sense "falls in love" with Fernanda although they technically never talk to one another.  Ted Lee, the police detective in charge of finding Fernanda's kidnapped son is "the" love interest, although he is caught up in a loveless marriage for about three quarters of the book.

I enjoyed this book.  I definately need my fix of Danielle Steel once in a while for the not too overly mushy Romance novel...but I was pleasantly suprised that this was a bit different and not the typical DS novel of wealthy family who meets tragedy and ends up happily ever after.  I like Danielle Steel, BUT her storylines do get a bit predictable.

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