Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer
Author: Nicholas Evans
Read by: Frank Muller

This is the truly moving story about tragedy, healing, love, and loss.  The story starts out when Grace and her friend Judith are out on a morning ride with their beloved horses when a tragic accident happens leaving Grace to deal with the loss of her best friend and also one of her legs.  Grace finds it hard to move on post accident and can't bear facing her horse Pilgrim who was also both physically and emotionally scarred as well. 

At a loss of how to put the family back together and struggle a high demand job, Grace's mom Annie takes a leave from work and contacts Tom Booker a "Horse Whisperer", this is a last resort to save the horse that everyone keeps telling her should have been put down.  Annie repeatedly refuses to put Pilgrim down, because she deep down feels that if Pilgrim dies then the last glimmer of spirit remaining in her daughters soul will die as well. 

Grace, Annie, and Pilgrim travel across they country and find an inner peace and a much simpler way of living.  Annie learns that her high stress job as an editor of a fashion magazine suddenly does not matter.  Grace, determined to keep drowning in her own self pity learns that there still is much she is able to do and although she may never be able to ride Pilgrim again she relearns her love of horses and riding. 

Annie and Tom become closer and closer as Tom can bring the one thing Annie truly wants-Her daughter's old spirit back.  

This is a truly beautiful story, and although I am never a huge fan of affairs or cheating in books or movies for that matter, it is a very captivating story that you will not be able to put down.  Also unlike alot of Romance novels the story goes so deep that it wasn't very predictable.

Its a movie!!!!  Check that out after you read the book!!

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