Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mrs. Miracle

Mrs. Miracle
Author: Debbie Macomber
Read by: Jennifer Van Dyck
6 discs - 7 hours 5 mins

With Christmas approaching and wild twin boys to raise all alone,  Seth Webster finds himself in desperate need of a miracle.  His home is in complete chaos, and he is repeatedly finding himself having to hire new nannys after they always quit in disgust. 
Just when he is at his wits end Mrs Merkle, whom the children start calling "Mrs. Miracle" shows up on his doorstep.  She appears to be the real life Mary Poppins but better!! She is sassy and her spirit is infectious and encourages Seth to approach Reba, a beautiful travel agen who's been hurt and betrayed and afraid to love again...Reba is also in need of  a "miracle".  Reba gets the chance to help out in a children's Christmas pageant and finally gets introduced to Seth and they find a little Christmas miracle of their own.

This is a very feel good book and a great Christmas story.  This book was also made into a Hallmark movie.  and there is a sequels to this book that I have also listened to and liked it even better than the original!

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