Saturday, August 6, 2011


Author: Gary D. Schmidt

This is the Story of an upper class New England family who crosses paths with a family of Cambodian Immigrants struggling through violent prejudices.   The Sons in both families meet tragically in a car accident leaving Franklin in a coma and Chay facing the guilt and ridicule from townspeople who dont view it as an accident and want the immigrant boy to pay at all cost. 

Henry, Franklin's younger brother sets off to climb Mt. Katahdin in Maine with his friend and "Black Dog" --a trip that was supposed to be taken with his older brother prior to his death.  The boys and dog hitch hike there way only to get picked up by a familiar truck...Chay, the "killer" of Henry's brother who is running from his own demons.  Although coming from completely different worlds, Henry learns he and Chay have much in common and begins struggling with both liking this boy who killed his brother and hating him at the same time for how he ruined his family.  Excellent book!!

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