Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hawk O'Tooles's Hostage

Hawk O'Tooles's Hostage
Author: Sandra Brown
Read by: Richard Ferrone

I just started listening to Sandra Brown's Romance novels this week and can't put them down!  I picked one up just to try a new author/genre of books-she is Great!!! Just the right amount of drama and naughtiness in each of her stories! I've listened to 3 just this week! 

Miranda Price is the Ex-wife  of a prominent public figure; when she and her song are on a sight-seeing train ride her son gets kidnapped.  Refusing to let him alone she decides to go with the captors.  They get taken as hostages by a Native American tribe who are desperate to have Someone listen to them and reopen a Mine that was a huge source of income for the people.  Miranda soon finds herself in a dilemma both scared for her life that she is being held hostage; but she and her son are also being treated very fairly and likes to see the traits Hawk O'Toole-one of the Tribe's Chiefs is teaching to him on how to be a respectful young man.  Hawk and Miranda are a true case of oppisites that attract, coming from completely different worlds but finding they have much in common including the passion they feel for each other.   Knowing that they should not and were not meant for each other makes them both want each other more which makes for another great intense and passionate Sandra Brown Romance novel.

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