Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ice: A Novel

Ice:  A Novel
Author: Linda Howard
Reader: Fred Sanders
Length: 5 hours (4 compact discs)
Publisher: Random House Audio
Release Year: 2009
Genre: Fiction
Categories: Romance

Officer Gabriel McQueen is ordered by his father; the county sheriff to look in on a neighbor woman who lives secluded in the mountains to ensure her safety before a big ice storm is going to hit the town.  Gabriel is hostile about making this trip and worried about getting stuck in the terrible ice storm that is coming.

The girl he is going to look in on is none other than Lolly Helton, the mayors daughter that Gabriel has known since high school and neither have ever been on good terms with each other.  However when he gets to Lolly's house Gabriel senses something is not right and discovers Lolly's home has been invaded by gunmen, resulting in her kidnapping, Gabriel must rescue Lolly all alone without backup to rescue this long lost girl he knew growing up.

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