Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lush Life

Lush Life
Author: Richard Price
Read by: Bobby Cannavale
11 discs

Its's 2008, and after eight years dowtown, Eric ash is falling further and further behind in his plans to become an actor. Or a writer.  Or a restaurateur.  To become anything but what he is-the oldest employee at Cafe Berkmann.  So if the new bartender pissed him off, who could blame him?  Ike Marcus had confidence.  He had hustle.  Most of all, in a neighborhood where thrity is the new fifty, Ike was young.  Then one evening a street kid from the "other" Lower East Side stepped up to them and pulled a gun.  Ike's last words were "Not tonight, my man."  At least that was Eric's version.

Personal notes:  I read this and never got into it.  There are alot of characters in the book which can make it hard to follow but it also makes it hard to get into liking any of the characters in the book.  Ike is shot at the beginning of the book and the whole book the cops are trying to find out who killed this guy.  It probably wouldve been better if the character who got shot had been established more, so as a reader you really want justice for this guy's murder vs. as it was set up and you see "Ike" got murdered and basically thats all you know is "Ike" got shot and everyone is upset and wants to find his killer-With many books out there just like this- I wouldnt get this one.

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